Replaced with MondoKit: We are excited to announce the next generation of GAE JS. Our ESM-only set of libraries, migrated from GAE JS and rebranded as MondoKit.

You can see a Migration guide from GAE JS to help you move to the new libraries. Many changes are simple search/replace.

We will continue to add minor fixes and patches to this library as required.

Find MondoKit on GitHub.

Module to perform scheduled Datastore exports in your app.

Backups can be configured to perform full or partial exports of Datastore into Google Cloud Storage.

As well as regular backups you can configure automatic export and import into BigQuery. This is a full import/export and any existing data in BigQuery will be deleted for the requested kinds.

Datastore exports are long-running operations. This module keeps track of operations it starts in a backup-operations kind. After an operation is started it will queue tasks to update the status of the operation until it is complete. Once complete the backup can be auto-imported into BigQuery.


npm install @mondomob/gae-js-datastore-backups

Quick Start

Create queue to handle backup tasks

By default this library uses the task queue named backup-queue, so create that if it doesn’t exist. Alternatively add configuration for the queue you wish to use.

e.g. add to queue.yaml (or add equivalent to terraform, etc)

  - name: backup-queue
    mode: push
    rate: 1/s
      task_retry_limit: 20
      min_backoff_seconds: 120
      max_doublings: 5

Create bucket to store backup data

By default this library will use a bucket called datastore-backup-[PROJECT_ID], so create that if it doesn’t exist. This must be a regional bucket in the same region as your datastore instance. Alternatively you can add configuration for the bucket you wish to use.

Add IAM Roles

Authorise the App Engine Default Service account to perform datastore exports In Google Cloud Console IAM & Admin add the following IAM role:

  • Datastore -> Cloud Datastore Import Export Admin

Add cron and task routes to your app

e.g. at the root application

  app.use("/crons", gaeJsCron, datastoreBackupCronRoutes());
  app.use("/tasks", gaeJsTask, datastoreBackupTaskRoutes());

or as part of a sub-application/sub-router

  const cronsController = Router();
  cronsController.get("/some-other-cron", asyncHandler(async () => {}))

  app.use("/crons", gaeJsCron, cronsController);

  const tasksController = Router();
  tasksController.use(datastoreBackupTaskRoutes())"/some-other-task", asyncHandler(async () => {}))

  app.use("/tasks", gaeJsTask, tasksController);

Add Cron schedule

Add cron schedules to your cron.yaml for the backup jobs you wish to run. e.g.

  - description: "Datastore export"
    url: /crons/backups/datastore?type=EXPORT&name=FullBackup
    schedule: every day 03:00
    timezone: Australia/NSW

  - description: "Datastore export and load to BigQuery"
    url: /crons/backups/datastore?type=EXPORT_TO_BIGQUERY&name=ExportToBigQuery&targetDataset=backup_data&collectionIds=demo-items
    schedule: every day 03:00
    timezone: Australia/NSW

Endpoint options

Default endpoint: GET /crons/backups/datastore

Query params:

Property Description Required
type The type of export to perform. Must be one of “EXPORT” or “EXPORT_TO_BIGQUERY” Y
name name for the datastore export N
kinds the kinds to be exported N for EXPORT, Y for EXPORT_TO_BIGQUERY
targetDataset the target dataset for import in BigQuery Y for EXPORT_TO_BIGQUERY

Edit configuration (if required)

No configuration is required if you are happy with the default conventions.

The following options are available under the datastoreBackup namespace.

Property Description Required
bucket the GCS bucket to export to. Default is datastore-backup-[PROJECT_ID] N
folderFormat folder format to use - using Luxon date formatting options. Default yyyy/MM/yyyyMMdd-HHmmss N
queue the queue to send backup tasks to. Default backup-queue N
taskPrefix tasks handler url prefix. Default /tasks N
taskService the app engine service to direct task requests to. Defaults to default service N
timeZone the timezone to use when formatting backup output folder. Defaults to `“Australia/Sydney” N


  "projectId": "my-project-dev",
  "datastoreBackup": {
    "bucket": "my-backup-bucket",
    "queue": "admin-queue",
    "taskPrefix": "/tasks/admin",
    "taskService": "backup-service",
    "timeZone": "Australia/Sydney"